Hire Karl Heideck

     Litigation is an area of law that a lot of people need, because it makes up so much of this particular industry. Whether you are a person who is filing a worker’s compensation case or fighting a DUI, litigation is prevalent in a number of circumstances. To this end, you will need to make sure that you also match up with a professional litigator who specializes in the area of law that you need them for. If this is something that you are interested in, follow these points of advice below to learn a little bit more about what litigators do and how you can hire one.

What should I look for in a pro litigator?

When you require the help of a litigator, you should know exactly what to do in order to find the best professional available. Start by considering your local and surrounding area. If you live in Philadelphia, you should always choose the greatest Philadelphia lawyer around who can serve you with your litigation needs. You can also look up your state Bar Association to see which lawyers they recommend.

Any litigator that you hire should have a law degree and should have passed the state bar.

Who is the best litigator in Philadelphia?

This depends on which area of legal expertise you are looking for. If you are in need of areas of law such as compliance, risk management and other forms of review, you will be best served touching base with Karl Heideck. Karl Heideck is a great professional who graduated from the James E. Beasley school of Law at Temple University. He graduated with honors, making him a valuable addition to a number of law firms as soon as he entered the workforce.

Karl Heideck is a seasoned litigator who works for Higher Counsel and is happy to serve you with any legal need that you have. Because of this, you should visit the company’s website and get in touch with Karl Heideck for more information.

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An Overall Focus on the Work and Life of Arthur Becker

In recent times, Arthur Becker has found his way into the headlines of The Real Deal due to his increased focus on real estate and artwork. In fact, his Tribeca real estate office also serves as an art studio featuring a fully equipped workshop with paintings and sculptures. The office is located down the street from the located that will host Becker’s first solo development project, an eight-unit condominium with a projected sell of $52.5 million. https://therealdeal.com/2017/03/28/the-condos-beckon-arthur-becker-going-it-alone-on-tribeca-boutique-project/

Becker has ventured in numerous businesses throughout his career such as a binocular startup that specialized in binoculars called Bnox. For his artist work, Becker is renowned for collecting currencies from African nations such as Cameroon and Nigeria. Whether in euros or dollars, money often features in his artwork in a contorted appearance. Additionally, Becker’s office is decorated with sculptures of gold bars stacked together like Jenga pieces, crumpled cash, origami animals.

Although he separated with his wife, Wang, Becker has proven to be supportive. Together with their two daughters, they attended an event in Paris where Wang was awarded the Chevalier de l’Ordre National de la Legion d’Honneur for her success as a fashion designer.

Arthur Becker

Arthur Becker has proven to be an avid businessman and executive. Throughout his career, he has served various companies in key positions. From 2012 to 2015, Becker was the CEO and chairperson of Zinio,LLC, one of the globe’s largest digital newsstand. Previously, he worked at NaviSite, as the company’s chief executive officer from 2002 to 2010. NaviSite was a NASDAQ traded company that offered internet technology hosting, colocation and services to enterprises in the United States and United Kingdom. Currently, Becker has displayed his growing interest in the real estate market.

Away from work and career matters, Arthur Becker holds an impressive academic record. In fact, he is an alumnus of Bennington College where he graduated with a mixed major of photography and ceramics, reveals his Angel.co profile. For his business education, he attended Amos Tuck (Dartmouth). As an artist, Becker deals with currency, in an effort of exploring the meaning we give to money and the relationship associated with that meaning. Most of Becker’s work has been displayed in various places such as the Hal Katzen in NY.


Dr. Avi Weisfogel – Founder of Dental Sleep Masters and GoFundMe Account for Operation Smile

Dr. Avi Weisfogel is a popular dentist in the New Jersey area offering an extensive background and expert medical advice concerning sleep treatment and sleep disorders. Avi Weisfogel has been practicing dentistry since 1999 and has his own practice called Old Bridge Dental. He increasingly became interested in sleep apnea and sleep disorders and how to correct them. He founded Healthy Heart Sleep in 2010 and Dental Sleep Masters in 2014. The Healthy Heart Sleep program was designed to help physicians and sleep labs around the world establish management and advice. Dental Sleep Masters was set up as a valuable program to help sleep clinics, doctor’s offices and dental offices with knowledge about oral devices and knowing what to look for with someone who has sleep apnea. Many people are walking around with undiagnosed sleep apnea, which affects their health in more ways than one. He has built an option for offices all over the world to be able to help patients correct their sleep disorder utilizing the tools and educational pieces found in the Dental Sleep Masters Program and more information click here.


Dr. Weisfogel has also taken part in many different types of philanthropy organizations. Currently, he has set up a GoFundMe account to help raise money for an organization called Operation Smile. Operation Smile has been traveling around the world for many years helping children and young adults receive surgeries and clinical care concerning their cleft palates, cleft lips and all other facial deformities. The foundation started in the early 80’s by Bill and Kathy Magee. They were passionate about helping others and always made the patient’s feel like they were their very own child. Operation Smile has performed over 220,000 free surgical procedures over the years and has been able to raise the funds to do so. Dr. Weisfogel will put some of his own money into the pot to get the account started on a good note, and hopes to be able to make a decent profit to help out. The foundation has been able to utilize medical facilities in the area where the surgery takes place, which in return helps the community and learn more about Avi.

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UKV PLC is a Vintner That You’ll Be Happy To Invest In

     UKV PLC is a wine merchant that’s been renowned as being a provider of some of today’s highest qualities of wine products. Whether you are someone who enjoys drinking wine from time to time, or you are someone who would be considered as an avid connoisseur, please feel free to speak with one of the help desk agents, as they’re more than willing to guide and assist you in your endeavors of investing in a wine product that is truly of high quality.

UKV PLC is known as being a vintner that’s taking necessary steps towards ensuring their production processes are just right. They’re most particularly focusing on their fermentation processes/stages. If you’re not too familiar with fermentation, it’s highly imperative for you to know that it’s a process in which the wine’s sugar contents of the fruits that are contained in the ingredients are turned into alcohol through a process that is natural under the right environmental conditions. It’s highly recommended for you to select a wine product that’s made by a manufacturer that truly takes their time with making wine, as opposed to rushing through it.

UKV PLC is not your ordinary vintner for several reasons. It’s a vintner that is constantly striving to improve its research and development processes to where they can be as innovative as possible in their stages of production. By visiting the website, you will be able to find many relevant details that could assist you in your decision making process of potentially purchasing one or more of the products that they’re offering for sale. Please do not hesitate to ask for help from one of their customer relations agents, as they’re always more than eager to assist. You’ll find that the taste is absolutely phenomenal, which is greatly derived from proper fermentation.

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The Fascination With Sweetgreen

If anyone would have told Nathaniel Ru that investors would be reaching out to him for a chance to invest in his business he may have thought that this may have sounded absurd. After all, the business that he was bringing to center stage was a health food establishment that would compete against major fast food chains like Burger King and McDonald’s. It would seem somewhat unlikely that people would turn down double cheeseburgers and fries for a menu that contained vegetables and fruit. Learn more: http://www.forbes.com/pictures/ekeg45fe/nicolas-jammet-nathaniel-ru-jonathan-neman-co-founders-sweetgreen-262627/


To the surprise of many it appears that this was a restaurant that would grow to a ton of different locations in New York with other restaurants in Los Angeles and Chicago. This fast food alternative would become one of the most talked about establishments in recent years to bring forth what many people are praising as a lifestyle changing restaurant.


Many people that have eaten at fast food places like McDonald’s may opt for a salad at times, but it is going to be more common for them too consider things like burgers, chicken nuggets and french fries. With Sweetgreen Nathaniel Ru room wanted to create the type of restaurant experience where every menu item that was available was an item that was part of a healthy food regiment. This gives people that are trying to embrace a healthy food lifestyle more options. Learn more: https://twitter.com/nathanielru


This is a very interesting concept that Nathaniel has brought forth. He has been able to bring a lot of attention to eating better and the investors are eager to invest in what he has done. Much of this appeal to his vision is the result of the marketing that he has done.


Nathaniel Ru has been able to connect with a teenage crowd by bringing forth the Sweetgreen app. He has also been able to connect with the youth in a way that most established food chains would fail to connect. A lot of the fast food chains have meals for kids, but there is nothing in place that keeps teenagers interested in what fast food chains are doing. Learn more: http://fortune.com/2016/02/18/sweetgreen-entrepreneurs/


What Nathaniel Ru did with Sweetgreen was create something called the Sweetgreen Music Festival. This would serve as a great way to get out the name of this company and introduce the youth to the food that this company offered. This connects Sweetgreen restaurants in a strong way with the millennial crowd.


Investment Advisor, Paul Mampilly Completes An Interview With Ideamensch

     Mr. Paul Mampilly is an editor at publishing firm, Banyan Hill Publishing. He has two newsletters which he publishes through Banyan Hill that deal with investment advice and trends. The two financial advisement newsletters of Paul Mampilly are called Profits Unlimited and Extreme Fortunes. They were first published in 2016, which is when Paul joined Banyan Hill Publishing as an editor. In 2017, Mr. Mampilly is also launching an investment research tool that he called True Momentum.

One of the first questions that Paul Mampilly was asked during his Ideamensch interview was how does an average day look for him. Ideamensch then followed up by asking him what Paul Mampilly does to make his workday more productive. Mampilly says that he has the same routine for the last decade and a half. This involves waking up early in the morning and going to check the news of the major world markets. After sifting through the major news that can impact entire markets, Paul Mampilly begins to search for in depth news or developments that could impact stocks or businesses that he is currently tracking or invested in.

Right now, Paul Mampilly says he spends the bulk of his time tracking and following developments for stocks that he writes about in his newsletters called Profits Unlimited and Extreme Fortunes. He also keeps a close eye on the stocks that are being researched through his investment research service called True Momentum. Of course, Paul Mampilly does some trading of his own as well. He uses a portfolio tracker to monitor any price changes and developments of whatever stocks he may have in his portfolio at the time.

Paul Mampilly was asked about what is the best $100 that he has recently spent and why he considers that money well spent. Mampilly responded by saying the best $100 he recently spent was on books. He says he has a private collection of over a thousand books and his collection is only set to expand. Paul believes that spending money on books to educate yourself and gain wisdom is one of the best things you can spend your money on.

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Why You Should Rely on Securus Technologies To Deliver The Results of Effective and Efficient Communications That You Need To Connect With an Inmate

Securus Technologies is a great form of communications platform that is bringing people closer together by providing them with an opportunity of conducting videoconferencing sessions from their preferred locations, as opposed to setting up appointments through correctional facilities in which the visitor(s) may be required to set up appointments that can be time consuming and consist of times that are inconvenient.


Securus Technologies has been designed to specifically benefit the visitors of inmates, as they are no longer required to visit their locations phyically. It’s a program that’s been designed for their benefit in many ways. Oftentimes, what many people do not necessarily have awareness of is that the correctional facilities appointment scheduling options can be quite lengthy and time consuming. Due to this, visitors may be required to conduct visitation sessions during times that are inconvenient for their own particular schedules. Securus Technologies deters one’s obligations of making a physical visitation, as they can install the program onto their own device and begin a chat session with the inmate that they’re wanting to see and speak with.


Securus Technologies has been designed to offer law enforcement organizations to utilize the platform to stop crimes by enabling them to monitor what occurs in the chat sessions so that they may be able to utilize them in courts for investigative proceedings. Whether one is aware of it or not, many of today’s crimes are being carried out in correctional facilities. By having Securus Technologies incorporated into more correctional facilities’ communications departments, communications will be much safer. Please feel free to utilize the contact option on the website, as the assistants will be more than happy to guide you along the way of having it installed and utilizing it for effective and efficient forms of communications in which everyone essentially benefits from it being incorporated into the communications departments of the correctional facilities that they have been incorporated in.

Soros: Unveiling The Man And His Legend

The need for protests in Ferguson is clear that there are challenges we live with. But there are also windows of opportunity for those in the right position. And few people are in the right position to be effective against inequality. Often, we have to look deeper to see the impact because there always is one. Simply open your eyes.

Seeing a person and beyond their personal failures or success is challenging. Sometime, the failures are too overwhelming. Other times, their successes are too outrageous for us to find the actual human apart from the legend their accomplishments create. The same is true of George Soros and his family.

When he claimed to end his career in philanthropy, no one took it at face value. We began to look deeper. And it was Hilary Clinton’s campaign that got Soros back into the game of charity. Most would find it hard to even leave the attention platform. Know more on cnbc.com about George Soros.

The singular difference is that Mr. Soros engages with the public but in a very humbling manner. He is without a doubt a wealthy man. But behind this wealth, some skeptics still see the lowly Hungarian who was forced out of his home country in order to escape Nazi occupation which was imminent and dangerous.

Who we don’t see today is the young man desperate for a better life as he worked in London’s train yards. What we don’t see is the soot covered face of a human being who knew deep down that he was and that there was more. We believe that it’s important to understand a person beyond their success and failures.

Not everything is simple or “black and white.” Oftentimes, there are shades that the eye can’t comprehend. So we have to look at an entire history and not just moments of T.V. interviews or news articles. Sometimes, we have to look at the past in order to understand the future or explain the current times. Read his profile at Forbes.

Fortunately, we don’t have to do much more for a man like George Soros. It’s clear that Soros doesn’t invest so much in philanthropy just because he wants to lower his taxes. His current commitment to worldwide charity exceeds 10 billion within the investor’s entire lifetime.

Some researchers believe they know exactly when this financial mogul got a strong grip of his current financial conditions. What we do know is that when George Soros or his mutual funds make a big financial move, the entire world market is aware. And this is not because the news follows his every step.

The market effect of George’s trades is known because of the amount of money he trades with. So next time you wonder who this man is, you might be compelled to believe in his living legend. It’s more accurate than you can imagine.

José Henrique Borghi Grows from Zero to Hero

José Henrique Borghi was Born in PresidentePrudente, and he is the current coCEO and CCO associated to being the founder of the Mullen Lowe agency which is one of the Large advertising agency in Brazil, with its headquarters in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. It was created as a result of merging between Borghierh national creative intelligence and the multinational Lowe. After the corporate restructuring of the agency In July 2012, it now bears a new name, Borghi Lowe. In may 2015, Lowe and Partners joined Mullen US to form the renamed Mullen Lowe Group. Therefore, from June 2015 in Brazil, the Agency also got a new name Mullen Lowe Brazil and learn more about Borghi.

José Henrique Borghi is termed to be one of the most influential persons in the agency. At his tender age, Jose reflects states that his decision making was doubt, but with the help of her sister through attending a performance at the Castro Neves Theatre the presentations there sprouted his idea and helped him choose what he wanted for his career. Jose graduated from PUC-Campinas after studying Advertising and Propaganda. His first job was in 1989 at Standart Ogilvy agency and later worked with other firms and soon opened his company from scratch with his partner Erh Ray. Afterward, they split where the business was bought by Lowe to form Borghi Lowe in2012.

In April 2017 Jose launched a campaign called AbriuSorriu, a new signature between Mullen Lowe Brasil agency and Fini of Sanchez Cano a Spanish group. The program is intended to create more fun among their customer by increasing surprise goods any time one opens a bullet pack. Jose outlines that for one to start a business, he has to consider various factors such as disrupting economy thus you should be ready to adopt to new trends in the economy to avoid failure of brands. It earns Jose to be a marathon runner who persists even in diverse conditions and more information click here.

More visit: http://www.ecp.org.br/revista/entrevista/julho

Hussain Sajwani Expands His Ventures By Partnering With Successful Entrepreneurs

The global property development company DAMAC Properties based in Dubai is a public company that engages in luxury residential, leisure, and commercial properties development. It is an engineering, construction and architectural industry, founded in 2002.

It is owned and chaired by Hussain Ali Habib Sajwani. The 1956 United Arab Emirates-born citizen, is a renowned astute businessman and investor in global equity and capital markets.

As the eldest son in his middle-class raised family, Sajwani developed a business interest in his early days by managing his father’s shop. This was later articulated by him joining University of Washington and graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics and Industrial Engineering in 1981.

His career started as a Contracts Manager in GASCO before establishing his catering business in 1982, which started as a humble beginning offering its services to campsites, educational institution and US army to establishing 5-star hotels worldwide. He trended in this field until he recognized another market opportunity, which led to DAMAC establishment in 2002.

Thanks to his connections, the DAMAC owner has joined forces with some of the most recognizable brands to come up with authentic and interesting living concepts to their consumers. One of its key business partners is the Trump organization, who are in the same field of interest and real estate development.

They have come together in designing a one of its kind tiger wood and Trump International golf course which will be managed by The Trump Organization. Trump through his office perceives Sajwani as a boost in his business brand, and both have vowed to keep it that way despite political claims surrounding it. Learn more about DAMAC owner: http://www.hoteliermiddleeast.com/23813-the-rise-and-rise-of-damac/

In 2011, a hospitality division, DAMAC Maison, was launched within the DAMAC properties. This has positioned it as one of the largest Hotel Apartment operators and developers in the region by the development of bespoke services to clients in all serviced hotel rooms. In addition, through DICO he focuses on private mergers, acquisitions, and equities. Read more: DAMAC Chairman Relishes His Roots

According to Sajwani, the operations has called for strategic measures in saving, controlling and prioritizing cash disbursed to various projects and intuiting strict measures on customer deals. This ensures each cash developing projects distributed from Dubai, Doha, London mentioning a few, run and supports themselves.

On focusing on the Hussain Sajwani family, the father of four and his wife have also been involved in charitable foundations that support the local community and guides the youth on career paths they could explore. These include the latest collaboration Emirates Red Crescent in handing over of two million cheque to help less fortunate in the society.