The Fascination With Sweetgreen

If anyone would have told Nathaniel Ru that investors would be reaching out to him for a chance to invest in his business he may have thought that this may have sounded absurd. After all, the business that he was bringing to center stage was a health food establishment that would compete against major fast food chains like Burger King and McDonald’s. It would seem somewhat unlikely that people would turn down double cheeseburgers and fries for a menu that contained vegetables and fruit. Learn more:


To the surprise of many it appears that this was a restaurant that would grow to a ton of different locations in New York with other restaurants in Los Angeles and Chicago. This fast food alternative would become one of the most talked about establishments in recent years to bring forth what many people are praising as a lifestyle changing restaurant.


Many people that have eaten at fast food places like McDonald’s may opt for a salad at times, but it is going to be more common for them too consider things like burgers, chicken nuggets and french fries. With Sweetgreen Nathaniel Ru room wanted to create the type of restaurant experience where every menu item that was available was an item that was part of a healthy food regiment. This gives people that are trying to embrace a healthy food lifestyle more options. Learn more:


This is a very interesting concept that Nathaniel has brought forth. He has been able to bring a lot of attention to eating better and the investors are eager to invest in what he has done. Much of this appeal to his vision is the result of the marketing that he has done.


Nathaniel Ru has been able to connect with a teenage crowd by bringing forth the Sweetgreen app. He has also been able to connect with the youth in a way that most established food chains would fail to connect. A lot of the fast food chains have meals for kids, but there is nothing in place that keeps teenagers interested in what fast food chains are doing. Learn more:


What Nathaniel Ru did with Sweetgreen was create something called the Sweetgreen Music Festival. This would serve as a great way to get out the name of this company and introduce the youth to the food that this company offered. This connects Sweetgreen restaurants in a strong way with the millennial crowd.


Hussain Sajwani Expands His Ventures By Partnering With Successful Entrepreneurs

The global property development company DAMAC Properties based in Dubai is a public company that engages in luxury residential, leisure, and commercial properties development. It is an engineering, construction and architectural industry, founded in 2002.

It is owned and chaired by Hussain Ali Habib Sajwani. The 1956 United Arab Emirates-born citizen, is a renowned astute businessman and investor in global equity and capital markets.

As the eldest son in his middle-class raised family, Sajwani developed a business interest in his early days by managing his father’s shop. This was later articulated by him joining University of Washington and graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics and Industrial Engineering in 1981.

His career started as a Contracts Manager in GASCO before establishing his catering business in 1982, which started as a humble beginning offering its services to campsites, educational institution and US army to establishing 5-star hotels worldwide. He trended in this field until he recognized another market opportunity, which led to DAMAC establishment in 2002.

Thanks to his connections, the DAMAC owner has joined forces with some of the most recognizable brands to come up with authentic and interesting living concepts to their consumers. One of its key business partners is the Trump organization, who are in the same field of interest and real estate development.

They have come together in designing a one of its kind tiger wood and Trump International golf course which will be managed by The Trump Organization. Trump through his office perceives Sajwani as a boost in his business brand, and both have vowed to keep it that way despite political claims surrounding it. Learn more about DAMAC owner:

In 2011, a hospitality division, DAMAC Maison, was launched within the DAMAC properties. This has positioned it as one of the largest Hotel Apartment operators and developers in the region by the development of bespoke services to clients in all serviced hotel rooms. In addition, through DICO he focuses on private mergers, acquisitions, and equities. Read more: DAMAC Chairman Relishes His Roots

According to Sajwani, the operations has called for strategic measures in saving, controlling and prioritizing cash disbursed to various projects and intuiting strict measures on customer deals. This ensures each cash developing projects distributed from Dubai, Doha, London mentioning a few, run and supports themselves.

On focusing on the Hussain Sajwani family, the father of four and his wife have also been involved in charitable foundations that support the local community and guides the youth on career paths they could explore. These include the latest collaboration Emirates Red Crescent in handing over of two million cheque to help less fortunate in the society.

What Does Nine9 Do for Their Talent?

If you aren’t so sure what Nine9 does, you may miss out on the opportunities they may have. It’s easy to think that they aren’t going to be a big help, but the truth is that they do a bunch of things for their talent. They can help better prepare you for everything so you can land jobs and get auditions. But here’s a better look at what they can do for you and read full article.

– Teach talent with great workshops and seminars. Their talent love going to the workshops because they’re so in-depth and really showcase and teach a lot of things that most classes miss out on. As an “unagency” that takes pride in their talent, they really put a lot of emphasis on every aspect of their classes and what Nine9 knows.

– Database promotion is a huge part of business. They know that casting directors need a place to find talent, so they have you right there. And if a casting director needs to narrow it down to find your type, they can do so easily. It has never been easier for casting directors to find the right person, and this is all made possible with Nine9’s program.

– They also can help open up opportunities for you and introduce you to auditions, shows, and other gigs with the help of their online system where you can submit for roles that you see you may be a good fit for. Not only is this helpful, but it can help you audition for more things and give you experience and Nine9’s lacrosse camp.

Nine9 is the one company to work with if you are a newbie to this industry. They will guide you and get you on the right path so you are never lost and you are given the right opportunities and jobs that fit who you truly are.

Todd Lubar: A Real Estate Investor and a Financial Guru

Years after the worst housing crisis, Baltimore is still trying to pick up the pieces. The effects of the crisis still continue to be felt in Baltimore and beyond.

In a bid to rescue the real estate sector, bank-arbitrated sales were released in the form of foreclosures. The sales of the home dropped by 7% in 2016 compared with the previous year. After the crisis, the State of Maryland changed the regulations in the real estate sector. The changes that were done made the industry consumer friendly.

The city experienced progress in the housing sector which translated to an increase in sales. The median house sale price in Baltimore and the surrounding counties has increased by 6% between April 2015 and May 2016, according to a data from Google.

The modifications in the real estate sector had an impact on all the real estate investors like Todd Lubar.

About Todd Lubar

Todd joined the real estate industry in 1995. His fascination for the industry led him to launch his real estate Company. It soon became apparent to him that real estate and finance were his forte. When it came to his career, Todd Lubar combined his desire to help people and love for real estate and finance.

His career in business began when he joined the Crestar Mortgage Corporation. In his About.Me page, he posted while working for the Company, Todd gained knowledge on mortgage banking which proved to be a valuable experience in his career. He managed to develop a relationship with both financial and real estate experts.

1999 turned out to be an outstanding year for Todd as that was when he acquired an equity position at the Legacy Financial Group. The position gave the opportunity to build and expand his lending business. He gave loans to clients both from outside and through the Mortgage Bank.

During this period, his real estate business had taken a backseat, but in 2002, he decided to take it to the next level. That was when he established the Legendary Properties Company. The Company was focused on residential properties. Through the Company, Todd was able to buy, rehabilitate, and selling different properties ranging from single to family-units.

In 2003, he opened Charter Funding which was a subsidiary of the First Magnus Financial Company. He later formed Legendary Financial Company. The Company was designed to offer loans to both individuals and companies.

During 2007 and 2008 financial crisis, Todd changed his focused and was involved in other types of business including commercial demolition.

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