Soros: Unveiling The Man And His Legend

The need for protests in Ferguson is clear that there are challenges we live with. But there are also windows of opportunity for those in the right position. And few people are in the right position to be effective against inequality. Often, we have to look deeper to see the impact because there always is one. Simply open your eyes.

Seeing a person and beyond their personal failures or success is challenging. Sometime, the failures are too overwhelming. Other times, their successes are too outrageous for us to find the actual human apart from the legend their accomplishments create. The same is true of George Soros and his family.

When he claimed to end his career in philanthropy, no one took it at face value. We began to look deeper. And it was Hilary Clinton’s campaign that got Soros back into the game of charity. Most would find it hard to even leave the attention platform. Know more on about George Soros.

The singular difference is that Mr. Soros engages with the public but in a very humbling manner. He is without a doubt a wealthy man. But behind this wealth, some skeptics still see the lowly Hungarian who was forced out of his home country in order to escape Nazi occupation which was imminent and dangerous.

Who we don’t see today is the young man desperate for a better life as he worked in London’s train yards. What we don’t see is the soot covered face of a human being who knew deep down that he was and that there was more. We believe that it’s important to understand a person beyond their success and failures.

Not everything is simple or “black and white.” Oftentimes, there are shades that the eye can’t comprehend. So we have to look at an entire history and not just moments of T.V. interviews or news articles. Sometimes, we have to look at the past in order to understand the future or explain the current times. Read his profile at Forbes.

Fortunately, we don’t have to do much more for a man like George Soros. It’s clear that Soros doesn’t invest so much in philanthropy just because he wants to lower his taxes. His current commitment to worldwide charity exceeds 10 billion within the investor’s entire lifetime.

Some researchers believe they know exactly when this financial mogul got a strong grip of his current financial conditions. What we do know is that when George Soros or his mutual funds make a big financial move, the entire world market is aware. And this is not because the news follows his every step.

The market effect of George’s trades is known because of the amount of money he trades with. So next time you wonder who this man is, you might be compelled to believe in his living legend. It’s more accurate than you can imagine.

George Soros Uses His Money To Help Others Less Fortunate Than Himself

Mr. George Soros is famous around the world for his accomplishments as a philanthropic billionaire. George was raised in Hungary in 1930. George’s legal surname when he was a child was at first Schwartz. Nevertheless, his family altered their surnames to escape the anti-Semitic viewpoint of the Nazi invaders. At one time, George’s dad obtained fake identification documents so that their family would be seen as Christians as a means of protection from the Nazi occupiers. The surname Soros is an Esperanto sound which translates to “will soar.” (The rarely spoken language of Esperanto is intended to traverse every border and was made-up sometime in the 1800’s.) Mr. George Soros escaped the Nazi invasion while he was only a teenager and went to London to look for a better life in the 1940s.

During his time in London, he studied classes in economics, laboring diligently at the esteemed London School for Economics. While he was there, he learned about the philosophy that civilization can only mature if its free and displays respect to every citizens’ rights. That very philosophy deeply affected George’s view on life, and Mr. Soros attained his degree in the year 1952. George quickly focused his academic experience to work at the renowned Singer and Friedlander; they are a brokerage agency in London. He learned the application of purchasing a country’s securities and promoting the sale to another country, to gain profit. In the span of only four years, he boarded a ship and sailed to America, in particular to New York, where he began a career of economic interests in 1956. Later in 1961 George became a legal citizen of America. George began employment at numerous Wall Street agencies, and by 1973 he began his own enterprise for hedge funds, named the Soros Fund. George later altered the name to become Quantum Fund, and much later still, to Quantum Fund Endowment. During the late 1970’s, George had started to control his prosperity to help other people, through a range of benevolent work. As of 2012, George has given over seven billion dollars out of his charity endeavors through Open Society Foundation, a company that he founded in 1984. Mr. Soros is one of the wealthiest individuals in the world. Visit Project Syndicate to learn more about George.

Open Society Foundation’s objective is to add to public health actions, back academic activities, and stop social injustices. Mr. George Soros is a supporter for combating the American propaganda agenda called “war on drugs.” He thinks that this alleged war is an effort to extort funds from the underprivileged by punishing them for using marijuana. He has witnessed the positive outcome from marijuana on people who undergo seizures. Learn more about his profile at